STOP SOPA Now!! This Video that Must Be SHARED! How the corporate media set up Internet users to commit crime.


This Video that Must Be SHARED!

How the corporate media set up Internet users to commit crime.

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Go to and for thousands of pages of evidence and links to the original source research on the Internet Wayback Machine.


These egregious bills passing through the US government are SERIOUS threats to ALL OF THE INTERNET. It threatens to overturn the UNIQUE and UNIVERSAL nature of the Internet as we all know it today. Not only will government be able to “Seize” websites without Due Process, or any appeal/oversight, but it may well “Break” the structure of the Internet.

What SOPA Does

It gives the government authority to block / filter / redirect the DNS system. Effectively giving a moody 7 year-old a black marker, whiteout, and a pair of scissors to the “Phone book” of the Internet. It would (for example) point you to the Department of Justice’s website, every time you try and visit “”. It would fragment the uniform nature of this “universal phone book”, and instead create MANY different copies, some of which would have “blacked out” entries, some with different information, and some just completely missing. Though there are ways around this (for those who are dedicated) for nearly EVERYONE, it would mean less Confidence and security in the phone books: What if one phone book redirected your bank’s website to their own near-perfect imitation? The address in your browser would be correct, and it may even display as being a secure site. But every action you took, could be intercepted and monitored – they could even use your login information to display your REAL information, so you wouldn’t even know something was wrong.

Internet Service providers may be REQUIRED to intercept and DEEPLY analyze your traffic.

Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and so many other sites – even GOOGLE – could be SHUT DOWN, FORCED to censor pages, just having a link to a site that the Government doesn’t like. It also allows almost ANYONE to claim that a site is infringing on their Intellectual Property rights, and force banking institutions to STOP doing business with them. It makes everyone responsible for not only their content, but the content of any links they provide – even if the links are generated by a SEARCH ENGINE.

New ventures would face HUGE obstacles of legislation and liability that will stifle startups and creativity. Why start up a new website if it will cost you Tens or Hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills alone, with the threat of shut-down or lawsuit looming the INSTANT you open your site.

This bill is like both a 6 year-old complaining that there’s too many dials in your car (“There shouldn’t be any”), and simultaneously a 96 year-old not allowing you to use ANY kind of Phone because “We got along just fine without them for Thousands of years. Just send a letter.”

It is an attempt to control something that they don’t even understand, with actions that are misguided, and results that could be unpredictable and even dangerous. THEY don’t know how it works, and are being pushed by Lobbyists whose industries are STUBBORNLY technologically outdated, with business models that are no longer valid. It is an attempt at censorship, control, adding limitation and liability, to say nothing of the “slippery slope” argument and limitation on Free Speech and Expression.

But it would only effect the USA, “not me”? Think again. So much traffic comes from or passes through the US, or depends on other traffic/data that does, it would have an impact on EVERYONE. Plus once this is out there, think of what “YOUR” Government may do, because the US started the ball rolling. Who knows how much more limiting that could be – maybe even allowing for “arbitrary” limitations (Think – blocking opposing viewpoints, or even “opposition party” websites.

How YOU can help FIGHT SOPA / PIPA
Make your voice heard while you still have one.

Call your member of Congress (SUPER easy):

Sign a petition / write an Email:
More info on SOPA

Email your Representative or Senator (VERY easy & quick):

Learn more about SOPA:

Gizmodo SOPA Primer

How SOPA Threatens the Internet (LONG article, very informative)

Also: Learn about the Lobbiests and companies supporting SOPA / PIPA

How SOPA threatens the security of the Internet

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