WATCH – Steve Forbes: Impeachment is a political stunt, the thing to watch out for is what Barr will release in the coming weeks — BIG scandal coming!

Here’s what he says in the video below:

“In terms of impeachment, there’ll be a lotta noise. People need to understand, impeachment does not mean removal. It means the House of Representatives in fact comes up with what you might call an indictment. It’s a process. But it then has to go through the Senate and get two-thirds. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. They are doing it for political purposes. The thing to watch for is what Attorney General Barr is gonna be releasing in the next few weeks in terms of his investigations of what was happening with the CIA, the FBI, and certain White House officials leading up to the 2016 election and afterwards. A LOT OF BAD THINGS WERE DONE. That’s gonna dominate the news. A BIG SCANDAL COMING. That’s gonna take all this other stuff off the pages.”
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