STARVING ISIS Fighter Survives 14 days In Desert By Eating His Own Brother!

Al Mayadin | The Syrian Army has captured an ISIS fighter near the Syrian border of Iraq that has managed to survive a gruesome 14 days in the desert after scavenging off the corpse of his dead brother, reports the Damascus Press this morning.

The survivor who carried the corpse of his deceased brother no less than 260 miles during a two week period is clearly suffering from some form of post traumatic stress disorder, have assessed Syrian Army officers.

The man claims he wanted to give his brother a decent burial after he had been shot in combat. He carried his brother away and somehow got lost in the desert and could find no one in the area for many days, he explained to Army officials.

The man then recounts having eaten his brother’s heart to sustain himself thoughout the desert and believes that his brother would’ve wanted him to do the same thing.

Cannibalism seems to have become a common practice amongst jihadists, explains Middle East expert John Adams. “First Al Azhar University decreed that it was permissible to cannibalize enemies of Islam, then human sacrifice was being promoted by Safwat Hegazi, then a Syrian rebel grilled a man’s head, now we have actual footage of a Syrian jihadist eating the heart of his enemy like the pagan Indians of long ago” he explains. “It is definitely a trend on the rise and a terrifying prospect for the civilian population of the area” he adds.

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