Stark Photo: Hundreds of Asylum Seekers in Montreal

Long Ques

This is a photo of the Ministry of Labour and Employment (Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité Sociale) this morning. This is most likely a transfer of asylum seekers who have recently crossed into Quebec illegally.

Bypassing Borders

This bypassing of official borders has greatly increased the workload on Canadian services and greatly backed up applications. As of this Friday, over 1,200 people were waiting to be processed in one border town alone, and over 7000 seekers had reached Quebec. 

Tensions Flare

As tensions have flared in regards to potential asylum seekers a rally was organized by far-right group La Meute, which claims that Quebec culture and society are currently threatened by its diversity in Quebec City. This protest ended in violence as counter-protesters and the so called Antifa beat La Maute members

and attacked police.

Government Response

The Canadian government has made a series of announcements asking refugees to not make the trek, but most interestingly have also argued that it is possible a direct misdirection campaign has occurred in the United States. Suggesting that there is organized campaigning occurring in the States, in which money is changing hands and people are being told that it is in their best interest to make the voyage to Canada.

High Rate of Return

Due to laws surrounding the haphazard and illegal crossings less than 50% of asylum seekers will be allowed to stay. The remaining half will either be returned or remain trapped within the asylum system, costing them years .

Whats your view on this photo and the case of rapidly rising illegal crossings into Canada?
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