Stand-up comedian collapses on stage right after mocking Jesus

“I don’t mean to brag” Mcdonald told the crowd at the Tempe Improv. “I don’t care but I want you to know – double vaxxed, booster, flu shot, and I’m going to be honest I have the shingle shot too.

”She then boasted that she still gets her monthly cycle. Continuing her list of ‘accomplishments’, McDonald went on to say: “traveled, went to Mexico twice, did shows, meet and greets – never got covid.

The celebrity comedian then brags about an exceptionalism provided by Jesus saying: “clearly, Jesus loves me the most, seriously.

”She then immediately collapsed on the stage as the crowd burst out in laughter assuming it was all part of her act. Mcdonald suffered a skull fracture during the fall according to her manager.
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