Una camilla de la planta sexta del Hospital Carlos III. CARLOS GARCÍA POZO

Hours delicate for nurse Spanish Teresa Romero, Carlos III of Madrid admitted to the hospital last Monday after being infected dall’Ebola first contagion in Europe in general and outside Africa. The doctors who are treating have tried different therapies: all experimental and not yet officially approved, but for which the World Health Organization has authorized the use. In the five days that Romero was taken care of – reports ‘El Pais’ – you’ve been given three of these experimental treatments.

The first is ZMapp, a combination of three antibodies in a study of 2012 on ‘Nature’ in which he has achieved complete healing of the human monkeys exposed to Ebola Zaire strain, the most deadly. Officials have confirmed that the team doctor asked to have this drug, which has been imported by the Spanish of the drug. The Romero also received after arrival in hospital Carlos III of blood plasma obtained from patients who survived Ebola.

According to the Spanish health officials, the religious Paciencia Melgar, working in Free Pajares, it would be one of the ‘donors’ blood, because he is sick but has passed the disease. Other donors, according to the same sources, would be of the same religious order, the Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception. Finally, the nurse was administered the antiviral favipiravir, which was tested in mice and that inhibits an enzyme essential for viral replication. Its effectiveness depends on the amount of virus in the body and by the fact that the body of the patient is or is not able to produce its own antibodies.


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