So the next day after a report proving Aspirin reduces COVID complications The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommend you stop taking aspirin…

Same day we find out a study has proven that asprin decreases severe cases of covid by almost half, the fed tells the most vulnerable to STOP TAKING ASPRIN
P.S They did the same shit with original Zantac (Ranitidine) right before this COVID shit. Ranitidine is now being used to treat COVID. Mostly in South America where you can still get it.

(CNN)The US Preventive Services Task Force is considering making several changes to its guidance on taking a daily aspirin to prevent heart disease and stroke.

On Tuesday, the task force posted a draft statement recommending that adults ages 40 to 59 who are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease — but do not have a history of the disease — decide with their clinician whether to start taking aspirin, based on their individual circumstances.

This is just criminal…

– the Jerusalem Times ran an article stating the benefits of aspirin and covid.

– Covid causes blood clots.

– Aspirin thins your blood.

– CNN says elderly people shouldn’t take aspirin…


Most true science is largely ignored now…

in April 2020
“In summary, the early use of aspirin in covid-19 patients, which has the effects of inhibiting virus replication, anti-platelet aggregation, anti-inflammatory and anti-lung injury, is expected to reduce the incidence of severe and critical patients, shorten the length of hospital duration and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular complications.

July 2021
“Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and taking aspirin were nearly half as likely to require mechanical ventilation as those with COVID-19 not taking the drug, according to a study of adult patients.”

Aug 2021
“The Findings reveal that the use of aspirin is associated with a significant reduction in overall and in-hospital mortality rates.”


They’ve been telling elderly people to take daily aspirin for decades, now it’s “bad” but the brand new MRNA experimental shot? perfectly safe! everyone should take it! not once, not twice, but at least thrice!

“Obvious agenda is obvious.. It’s hard to believe so many people are going along with this.”
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