So Fauci won’t take the COVID-19 vax right now and only under future conditions… but it’s OK before and now for everyone else…?

So Fauci won’t take the vax right now and only under future conditions.., but it’s OK before and now for everyone else…?

Now lets really take note of what was said.

Here is Anthony Fauci (aka Dr. Fauci) quoted via

“Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that he has confidence in Pfizer’s work on a coronavirus vaccine and would not hesitate to take it if it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)”.

Quote source is here:

Fauci says he trusts Pfizer, will take vaccine if FDA approves it | T…
archived 30 Sep 2021 20:15:40 UTC

So Fauci won’t take the vax, but it’s OK for everyone else and here he is quoted saying as much.

This should make everyone that has not yet had one or if you have had a shot or 2/3/4… evaluate his (Fauci’s) own choice to not take the vaxx as it is now in clinical trials but a self described future FDA approved “vaccine”.

Dr. Fauci, if not for his years on the “job” would in the general public and in private life be called “vaccine hesitant” and could face medical censure, and all manner of malicious annoyances.

If you are a Dr. might I suggest you write this quote down and pass it on. One might share Dr. Fauci’s own prescription for good covid health.

Note the FDA approval is still not a reality and the experiment goes on for some time yet.

Readers please also note Fauci only mentions one manufacture and there are several vaxx horses in this race to approval as none are at this time are approved, it is still in trial/s!

To recap. No clinical trial vaxx.
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