Sinkhole Imperils Section of Florida Resort


Sinkhole Imperils Section of Florida Resort

A 40-to-50-foot-wide sinkhole opened in the middle of the night, causing guests to evacuate.
01:54 | 08/12/2013

Transcript for Sinkhole Imperils Section of Florida Resort

 Let’s get to josh and the other top stories. We saw pictures at the top of the show. It’s breaking out of central florida.

The sinkhole swallowing up this resort villa you’ here. People woken up by a cracking sound. Minutes later, told to get out as fast as they could.

All of this happening a few miles outside of orlando in the town of clermont. It sounded like a car hitting the building. Reporter: They had no warning.

First the lights went out. Then chaos. We heard shaking, glass breaking.

And we thought maybe it was just kids running up and down the hall or something. Next thing I know, people are yelling, get out of the building, get out of the building. Reporter: Within seconds, this massive crack opened in the foundation, caused bay 40 to 50-foot wide neath the building.

One person had to break out of a window because the door frame collapsed. He and his wife and infant, he had to break the window so they could escape. Reporter: The apartment had collapsed.

The entire building tilting to one side. Right now, the three-story building looks like a two-story building. It’s utter chaos.

Reporter: This morning, another villa evacuated nearby, not sure about the stability of the ground. Thankfully, everyone did escape safely before the collapse. Look at that as dawn has broken in clermont.


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