DEPLORABLE WOMEN – USED MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS BEING MAILED to Texas governor after he signs fetal burial order!

Congratulations ladies. You have just given the government yet another good reason to inspect the mail and every other thing that in a decent society is considered private. But no, you have to push the envelope; no pun intended!

Sullivan explained that most people who send items don’t include a return address, so it’s difficult to prosecute postal violations.

‘Bury this!’: Used menstrual products pelted at Texas governor after he signs ‘fetal burial’ order

 After Abbott made an order that all women who have abortions and miscarriages must pay to have the remains buried, women launched a protest.

The Dallas Morning News reports that one woman, Ele Chupik, took to Facebook to urge women to send their used feminine hygiene products to Abbott. The same thing happened to then-Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) when women launched Periods for Pence. Chupik had no idea that women would actually do it, but they did.

“I am enclosing my tampons and sanitary pads as long as the law stands,” another woman wrote in.

One woman that didn’t even live in the state mailed her items encouraging the office: “Bury this!”

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Action Item! As of December 19th: all miscarried and aborted fetal tissue must be cremated or buried in the state of Texas. So if you aren’t sure about the fertilized status of your used tampons, panty liners, or indefinitely ruined underpants, place them in a 4×6 bubble mailer and send them to the office of Governor Greg Abbott for testing. Just to be sure. Because you never know ladies, and better safe than sorry.

Office of the Governor….
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