Shocking New Snowden Leaks That Will Change the World!

Latest Briefing by US Intelligence on Veterans Today Radio on 10-6-14 



Here are just some of the notes from the interview.  This one contained so much explosive information that you’re sure to learn a lot that you don’t know.  If you’re a patriot that is sick of the criminals getting away with everything then do something!  SHARE this to your facebook walls, email lists, twitter so that their crimes will be exposed.  It’s not enough that you learn this information.  You MUST share it with as many others as posssible to create the chagne you want to see in the world!


In the latest Veterans Today Radio broadcast on 10-6-14, Gordon Duff goes over some of the hardcore information that he got from Edward Snowden.  Gordon talks about how the US media has covered up all of this new Snowden information and only put out some “chicken feed” about the US spying on Germany.  In fact, CNN was given the huge Snowden release on 9/11 being nuclear event first and suppressed the story.  Veterans Today was the 3rd  media outlet to get the information and was the only one to release it!  Snowden literally brought the keys to the kingdom when he went to Russia and we have not heard all of it.  Gordon covers some more of this information in this broadcast but you should also listen to the 6-4-14 episode of Veterans Today Radio for much more on 9/11.   This information literally rocked the world and has been copied and heard by millions now.  Unfortunately, this information has been suppressed by all mainstream media and most of the alternative media including the “tip of the spear” types.


Here are some brief notes of just some of this interview.  I had to get this article out now so didn’t have time to include all of it.  I hope all of you are spreading these interviews into all aspects of the alternative media because it’s being censored by many of the fakes that won’t touch it!  Expose the fakes!


Gordon also talked about some of these topics.


Biden recently mentioned Turkey as helping ISIS because of the information from Gordon Duff.


US lied when they said two planes recently lost to a typhoon. One of those planes an F-16 is lying in pieces in Syria after being shot down by an American PAC2 missile! The same missile used in Israeli Iron Dome system. US has now ceased all air operations because of a plot by traitors within the US Military, Air Force a retired General affiliated with Fox News and some affiliated with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News. This plot was to allow a plane to be shot down and captured by ISIS so they could “Jimmy Carter” Obama and help Republicans win the upcoming elections. Daish (ISIS) wants one or more American pilots before the elections that they can threaten to behead. The other aircraft lost was an Marine Osprey flying a team into Iraq. Gordon has been told that the crew of these airplanes were recovered.


Now that ISIS has our one of our most advanced missile systems we can’t offer air support to the Kurds and they are threatned to have 100,000 of them slaughtered now. During the Vietnam war, John McCain gave the North Vietnamese the information that allowed them to shoot down more American planes!


Gordon talks about the Presidio which is the home to psychological warfare command. This base in San Francisco was run by two men. One of them was a Colonel and the other a major. Both were “cutting edge” (men who stare at goat types). One of them was involved with “the temple of Set” and the “Church of Satan”. (note you can easily find this man’s name by googling both of those organizations). The other man is a retired General that works for Fox News. You can find out who is by searching google for “senior military analyst fox news retired general”.


One of these men that run the “Temple of Set” in 1980 was accused of the sexual molestation of 150 children by the San Francisco Examiner who were brutally raped at “The Presidio” and other military bases! In 1986 this man had a search warrant issued on his home and it was said that 38 films were seized depicting violent sexual acts against children as young as 9. All of this evidence was covered up and no charges were brought. This man now helps run the NSA!


All of the “heroes” from the Bush Administration were treasonous. You’ll never know the heroes.


One of Snowden’s biggest Intel drops was only put out by VeteransToday and it was the 2003 Dept of Energy report that showed 9/11 was a nuclear event! Nobody in mainstream put it out even though some such as CNN was given it before VeteransToday.


The Ebola spreading now is not weaponized but is serious and is happening because of ease of travel now.


Huge news – 40% of Congress has been now caught taking bribe money through the latest Snowden releases. 40% of Congress should be arrested immediately!  Some of this money has already been frozen because of this information from Snowden!   This should be the biggest story on alternative media!


North Korea labs being used by Germans and British companies doing horrific experiments. Cuba is being used as a base where the “dead” people go to run their empire.


Jim Dean talked next. He talked about the cease fire has now become a hoax. Kiev wants a low level war going on so they re arm. They are getting ready for yet another campaign against East Ukraine. The West fails to speak out against any atrocities done by Kiev government. Kiev lied when they said they paid off their gas debts – they only paid the national gas company – not Russia. Western media lied as they always do and said they paid Russia.


Growing pushback against the sanctions on Russia in the EU. EU was forced by US to do the sanctions.


In Germany, alternative media is growing fast and exposing the fraud of their fake mainstream media. They are fighting back unlike the US.


Good signs in recent elections in Latvia and Bulgaria that are fighting back against against the crime syndicate running the west.


In Sweden the new government has recognized that Palestine is it’s own state. The US of course has rebuked this. Sweden has responded by saying Sweden does not take advise on foreign affairs from the US!


Obama was the first President to reward political “bundlers” jobs in his administration. Holder’s $77 million job was the most open bribe ever.

Much more covered! Plus update from Preston James on the organization of the power structure of the new world order! from his latest article.
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