Shocking! Man Goes To Hell–Sees Hitler, Child Killers, Witches, Prostitutes & More! (Video)

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This is life changing. He sees Hitler, child killers, a lady into witchcraft and demons in hell. Awesome Testimony of OUR Lord’s Mercy.

23 MINUTES IN HELL – Hell is REAL & ETERNAL – Bill Wiese Testimony of Hell

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“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28) – thousands of testimonies of near-death-experiences all say the same and scientifically these testimonies have been proven to be true and not a product of hallucination. This is why the Lord Jesus Christ died for us – He does not want anyone of us to go to hell!! All around the world he is until now showing people from all walks of life the reality of hell – a place worse than we could ever imagine. A place you wouldn´t want your worst enemy to end up in. Even if you think, you are going to make it to heaven: please research the testimonies – a Pastor died and has been shown both – heaven and hell. This Pastor had a quarrel with his wife a few days before he died and was mad at her for days and didn´t want to settle it with her. Then he died and was shown heaven and hell and was said that for he didn´t forgive his wife he would end in this horrible place, HELL. He was told that he could not expect GOD to forgive him if he didn´t forgive his neighbour. The Lord God by his mercy gave him another chance and he and thousands of other people are warning us who have been given another chance. We should really understand what the Lord did for us on the cross and how much he loves us and we should really take his WORDS very LITERALLY, very serious, and let him change us in our utmost inner being. Stay away from the occult, from all sins – let him transform you and learn about what HIS will is!!! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you all, he loves you, more than you can comprehend.

Satanist Shares His Story–Traveling In Spirit To People’s Homes & More!

Your First Night in Hell – Jentezen Franklin

Powerful life changing message! A must see!


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