Sheriff David Clarke Suggests Black Lives Matter Will Join With ISIS To Take America Down

Sheriff David Clark has been called an “Uncle Tom” by black democrats because he doesn’t fall for the race baiting from the left. He has been more than outspoken when it comes to the black lives matter group, and he took his criticism to a whole new level in a recent tweet.

Late Tuesday night the Sheriff Tweeted,


Before long, Black Lies Matter will join forces with ISIS to being down our legal constituted republic. You heard it first here.

david clarke tweet2

he followed that with another tweet that read,

 I have been right on every call I have made about these subversives. I will be right again.

clarke tweet


The truth is, no matter how extreme you may think his statement was, he HAS been right in the past. He exposed Obama for starting this war on police and for not having the courage to be honest with black people. He exposed the media’s manipulation of black people saying, “ they lived under 60 years of enslavement of Democrat control. This liberal mainstream media has refused to tell blacks the story that under the first black president, their standard of living hasn’t gotten any better.”

In a recent interview on “Hannity” Sheriff Clarke cites data that proves Obama, the media and Hollywood have engaged in a full-throttle propaganda war against police, trying to portray them as racist.

In a three-year period, 2009 to 2012, there were about 1,491 uses of deadly force by police officers, Clarke said.

“Sixty-one percent of the people involved in that use of force were white males, 32 percent were black males, an almost two to one ratio,” Clarke said. “If there’s anybody that has a claim on police use of force, it’s white males.”

“The other thing is this, again data and research, 0.04 percent of perpetrators of black homicide are police officers, less than one-tenth of 1 percent, and on the other hand 93 percent of perpetrators of black homicide were committed by other black people,” Clarke said. “The president of the United States lacks the courage to look at the black community and tell them to look in the mirror as the source of their problems.”

Sheriff David Clarke has been the target of liberals for his fearless portrayal of today’s Democratic party. Racial slurs against him and even death threats have not stopped this man from fighting for the truth.  HaTTiP
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