Shanghai Police Seize 2.4 Tons of Methamphetamine in Massive Factory Raid


Shanghai police arrested 28 people and seized around 2.4 tons of methamphetamine during a raid in Guangdong province, making this the biggest drug bust ever by Shanghai cops.

Police raided a meth lab in Luhe village, Guangdong on January 30, Shanghai Daily reports.

Two tons of meth were found in liquid and solid state, and another 400 kilograms were in crystallization or “half-baked” state.

“We found three professional reactors which were used for producing meth in the factory, which is surprising because meth producers usually don’t even require a reactor,” An Wei, a police officer investigating the case, told Xinmin Evening News.

Police also said the factory could churn out more than 200 kilograms of meth daily and that the meth seized during the raid alone could yield hundreds of millions of yuan in the market.

It was the largest drug haul since 1949. Police said with the raid an important drug corridor between Guangdong and Shanghai was cut off.

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