Server Migration and Constant Site Attacks

Hi there folks ,

It has been a few days since we where up to date with our headline publishing. Please for give our absence. The reason.. All technical. No we have not been taken down or locked out in a hack 🙂 A group has sure been trying hard though I will say that much.


The 2020 Server Upgrade and Migration is Complete!

UPDATE: “Talk about Murphy’s law. We had a catastrophic data loss today, quite unintentional and done at root level. public_html was deleted in it’s entirety. It has not happened for 5 1/2 yrs… Good news is it was while staging a recovery with mirror/s… All systems are operational.”

We have been using one flavour of Ubuntu for 5  1/2 years! What a great server and platform it has been. rock solid performance and up time. Thanks VPSDime for all the years of doing business with you. And as for Webuzo… It is bitter sweet leaving you. We will still use you for development  / projects, but your days as our Production and Disaster Recovery solution have come to it’s end. Close to 6 years of rock solid service. If only there was better support, features (clustering / mirroring) and community etc.) we would have migrated with you. In any event thanks Softaculuos for the memories and dependability.

We are migrating to CentOS from Ubuntu Linux Server, with a new back end control panel. CentOS is a bit of a change for us as we are a Ubuntu only press / platform. CentOS is a welcomed change for us. A time to gain new skills and in turn we get a new admin platform to keep our humble free press online.

We need to pay for the Linux developer and quite frankly we need your donation today. Any amount would help. 


We Need Your Support Please even A $1.00 donation will help keep Uncensored Independent Media and Our Free Press going.


The move includes a new cluster  / mirror. We will have much more memory and gain much needed ssd disk space.  We hope to set up the new network, we have a 3 and five year network road-map. This move should be completed and all servers should be in production by the end of this month (March 2020). We hope to grow the sites from here, and in 3 years time look at what opensource technologies are available to test and develop on.

Until then please stand by…


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