Senior Chinese Diplomat Visits Libyan Rebel Base


The Chinese regime has sent an envoy to meet with Libyan opposition leaders in Benghazi. The aim is, apparently, to foster stronger relations with rebel leaders seeking to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi.

The Chinese regime’s Foreign Ministry Chief for North African Affairs, Chen Xiaodong met deputy head of the National Transition Council Ali Essawi and other Libyan rebel leaders at their Benghazi base on Wednesday.

He stressed the importance of resolving Libya’s political state of affairs.

[Chen Xiaodong, Chinese FM Chief for North African Affairs]:
“We exchanged in-depth views on how to push for a political solution to the Libyan issue. I felt the Libyan National Transitional Council leaders are very keen to have the issue solved through peaceful means as soon as possible to minimize the sufferings of the Libyan people.”

Chen’s visit is the second meeting between the Chinese regime and Libyan rebel leaders in less than a month. It happens as the rebel forces progress towards Gaddafi’s stronghold.

Chen urges a quick solution to the four-month long crisis. He assures Essawi that the Chinese leadership considers them, quote, “an important dialogue partner.” Libyan opposition leaders also expressed willingness to foster stronger relations with the Chinese regime.

The Chinese regime courting Libyan rebels who control a major oil area has marked something of a practical policy adjustment.

Analysts say Chinese leaders are seeking to cultivate good relations to whoever is the upcoming Libyan leader.

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