Senator retweets “ignorant cracker cops make my city look bad” Missouri State Senator takes on “ignorant crackers”

Troy’s racial divide widens Police union chief calls for probe of councilwoman(Video)…

NOTE: This is the same councilwoman who came under fire after posting her approval of a wild racial conspiracy theory that the federal government is going to be “rounding up and executing” blacks as a way to deal with them. Anastasia Robertson (D-Troy) made the comments in response to a Grio article covering President Obama’s reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

NEW YORK – Councilwoman Anastasia Robertson left the City Council meeting Thursday night as a police union leader accused her of inciting a crowd against two police officers Saturday.

“You can’t talk about public safety and assist in public unrest,” Sgt. Thomas Hoffman, president of the Troy Police Benevolent Association, said in calling for the city Ethics Commission to investigate Robertson.

The situation came as the North Central and Lansingburgh neighborhoods in Robertson’s 2nd Council District have been rocked by shootings.

Hoffman said Robertson, an African-American council member, told the white officers: “This is why the black community doesn’t respect the police. You only go after black people.”

Hoffman’s remarks came after Robertson apologized at the meeting for comments she posted on the Internet regarding race war, police interaction with blacks and spelling America with a letter “k” instead of a “c.”

The incident Hoffman referred to occurred late Saturday afternoon in Lansingburgh where two officers responded to a domestic complaint involving a white woman and a black woman. The white woman fled, leaving police talking to the other woman, Hoffman said.

At that time, a crowd including Robertson, gathered and were yelling at, spitting on and recording the officers with cell phones, Hoffman said.

Additional officers were dispatched to assist with the crowd.

Full story at link. Video of police meeting below.…735116.php
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