Secret files on North Wales UFOs revealed

OFFICIAL scepticism towards a renowned UFO sighting in North Wales is revealed in new documents made public for the first time today.

Defence staff alerted to fresh media reports in 1998 of the strange ‘Berwyn Mountains Incident’ in 1974 dismissed them as ‘ancient history’ and declined to reexamine UFO files.

The mass of papers, dating from 1985-2007, now opened by the National Archive, include documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions.

A cutting from the Daily Post previewing a television programme, was submitted by RAF personnel in Welshpool in 1998 to the MoD.

The article referred to the ‘Welsh Roswell’ incident 37 years ago near Bala, when locals described a blaze of light in the mountains after an earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale.

Eye witness accounts described a huge egg-shaped craft on the ground with a pulsating orange and red glow. Farmers tending animals talked of a craft landing and taking off.

The events were re-visited in a television series which failed to impress some officials.

A hand-written note on the record remarked: “You will note that this piece of ancient history is being dredged up in the amusingly entitled TV programme ‘Weird Wales’ later this week.”

Another stated: “No mil a/c crashes as far as we can tell. UFO files from 1974 are stored in archives and without an exact date we would have to look through the reports individually. If we get media interest we can give the standard line on our policy.”

In a separate report on May 9, 2006, a picture from a weather cam in Mid Wales was queried with officials. An email said: “…you can zoom in, there is something definitely hanging in the sky. Your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.”

A sighting near RAF Valley detailed a ‘v bright plane white’ in the sky at 8.10pm February 18, 2001. The report to the guardroom came from Rhosneigr from a ‘former intelligence corps?’

Another inquiry received by RAF Valley concerned a ‘fireball meteor’ on August 26 2000 plunging into Llyn Cefni in Snowdonia. But the station ‘held no record of such an incident’ and passed the letter on to the MoD.

On July 3, 2006, a witness saw a disc shape and four colours, moving slowly up and down at a music festival at Llanfyllin. A message spoke of ‘the weirdest thing’ and said they ‘didn’t take their eyes off, like you were glued to the lights’.

The official response said: “Unless there is evidence of a potential threat to the UK from an external force, and to date no ‘UFO’ report has revealed such evidence, we don’t attempt to identify the precise nature of each sighting report to us. We are satisfied that there is no corroborating evidence to suggest that the UK’s airspace was breached by unauthorised aircraft.

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