‘Scientology almost killed me’: John Travolta’s nephew details his life on the run since his decision to leave the Church of Scientology after trying to take his own life

Speaking with The National Enquirer, Sam did however say that his famous uncle did everything he could to help him, but even he could not stop the attacks that were waged against him after his decision to leave.

  • Sam Travolta Jr., the nephew of John Travolta, is discussing why he left Scientology in 2007 in a new interview, and what life has been like since 
  • Sam says he decided to leave the church after he tried to take his own life, at which point members began mouthing to him, ‘You are dead’
  • He also claims members ‘planted drugs on him’ and spread the rumor that he was ‘psychotic’ and a ‘pedophile’
  • Sam asked his uncle for help, but he claims even he could do nothing to stop the attacks
  • He does say that Travolta provides him with a monthly allowance and has never pressured his family members to join the church
  • Sam also claims he was forced to work 60-hour weeks as a file clerk for the church and was only paid $36
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