Schoolgirl Found Hanging From Tree After Suffering From ‘Rare Allergic Reaction To WiFi’

An English schoolgirl has committed suicide because she was allergic to WiFi.

Jenny Fry

According to the Daily Mirror Jenny Fry, 15 suffered from blinding headaches, tiredness and bladder issues — problems that her parents said were caused by electro-hypersensitivity.

“Jenny was getting ill and so was I,” her mother, Debra Fry, told the Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court. “I did some research and found how dangerous WiFi could be, so I had it taken out of the house.”

“Both Jenny and I were fine at home but Jenny continued to be ill at school in certain areas.”

Fry said she pleaded with her daughter’s teachers to allow her to work in rooms without WiFi at school as she continued to get in trouble for skipping class and acting out, but they refused, the NY Post reported.

“The least they could do was allow her to take them in rooms where she felt able to concentrate, but they wouldn’t listen,” she said.

“She was receiving lots of detentions, not for being disruptive in class or misbehaving, but often because she used to take herself out of the classroom to find another where she was able to work. She took her schoolwork seriously.”

Since her death her parents has started raising awareness about electro-hypersensitivity and danger of WiFi, the NY Post reported.
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