On Thursday morning, the Saudi Army and their allies suffered their most embarrassing military defeat since they began their military operations inside of Yemen, as the Yemeni Army and their popular resistance units overpowered the Saudi-led Coalition Forces and imposed full control over their first town inside of Saudi Arabia’s Asir Province.

For several months, the Yemeni Armed Forces and the Saudi-led Coalition have battled for control of the Asir Province in Saudi Arabia; however, not many could have predicted that the Yemeni Army and their popular resistance forces would impose full control over a whole town under Saudi jurisdiction.

Much to the surprise of the Saudi Regime, the Yemeni Army did just that on Thursday, capturing the strategic town of Rabu’ah in the southern part of the Asir Province after killing several soldiers from the Saudi-led Coalition Forces; this loss is a devastating blow to the aforementioned armies, as the Asir Province is the gateway to northern Yemen.

In addition to the capture of Rabu’ah in the Asir Province, the Yemeni Army and Houthis captured the imperative Bayhan Fort at Shawbah (Saudi Arabia), further adding to the plight of the Saudi-led Coalition Forces combatting the anti-Hadi fighters.

The Yemeni Army and Houthis topped off the day with a successful military operation to push out the Saudi-led Coalition Forces from the villages of Al-‘Amri and Dhabab – several Coalition soldiers were killed during the operation.