Russia’s Supersonic P-800 Yakhont Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Launch (720p VIDEO)

Yakhont P-800S (SS-N-26)

Russia has supplied these missiles to several countries!
Iincluding: Indonesia, Vietnam and Syria [Article].

The Yakhont is a supersonic anti-ship missile capable of attacking maritime targets at great distances from shore (up to 180 miles). Unlike other coastal defense systems, like the Chinese C-802 or C-701, the SS-N-26 ‘Yakhont’ can engage targets well beyond the horizon, by navigating the long mid-course ‘leg’ using inertial guidance. the high speed means the missile would acquire lower drift, relative to a subsonic missile.

At a certain distance from the target the missile will activate its radar to acquire the target, it will then perform the terminal attack maneuver, according to the preplanned attack profile selected before launch – a direct horizontal attack or high angle dive, both are performed at extremely high speed, challenging the targets’ missile defenses and electronic countermeasures.

Multiple attacks of several missiles, attacking at different profiles, would challenge the target even more, as will a coordinated attack by high-speed and cruise type missiles.

It Fires @00m32s (720p)

SS-N-26 Yakhont P-800 – Super Sunburn Missile
This footage shows it reaching target.


  • Length: 8.9 m
  • Diameter: 0.7 m
  • Wingspan: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 3100 kg
  • Speed at altitude: 750 m / s (Mach 2.6)
  • Surface speed: Mach 2
  • Engine: ramjet, weight 200 kg, 4 tons of thrust
  • Range: 100-300km
  • for the combined trajectory (the length of the final section 40 km) – 300 km
  • for low-altitude trajectory – 120 km
  • Flight altitude of 10-14000m
  • Warhead: 250 kg
  • Period of storage: 7 years[10]
  • Fuel: kerosene T-6

Radar homing head.

  • all-weather monopulse active-passive, with frequency hopping
  • Immunity: high, from active spoofing, dipole clouds
  • Range: 50 km active [11]
  • Launchable sea state – up to 7 points
  • Warm-up time from power on: no more than 2 min
  • Current consumption at 27 V circuit: up to 38 A
  • The maximum angle of the target search – ± 45 °
  • Homing weight – 85 kg

[More Details from Wiki]
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