Russia’s New ATM Machines Can Tell If You Are Lying

The A.T.M. that can tell if you’re lying: Russian bank testing ultimate security machine that recognizes your voice, takes fingerprints and scans your face

By Daily Mail Reporter

It only takes a swipe of a card and four digit number for a thief to steal your bank details and take out as much cash as they can from the nearest ATM.

But a Russian company is looking to change that for good – testing a state of the art machine that uses voice recognition and lie-detector technology to make sure it is really you at the bank.

The A.T.M. provides the highest notch security – it can scan passports, record fingerprints and even takes a three-dimensional face scan so it can tell whether it is being approached by a genuine customer or a fraudster.

High tech: The Russian A.T.M. machine which can tell if you are lying 

High tech: The Russian A.T.M. machine which can tell if you are lying

It can also be used by first time customers to apply for credit cards or a bank loan without having to speak to any human employees.

The unique system was developed by the Speed Technology Centre, which also does work for the Russian domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service, a direct descendent of the KGB.

It was developed in part by using samples of Russian police recordings from interrogations, the centre’s director, Dmitri Dyrmovsky, told the New York Times.

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