Russian transport aircraft and “green men” spotted in Syria

File:"Ruslan" An-124 (3966585374)
“Ruslan” An-124

Seven Russian transport aircraft AN-124 Ruslan have landed on the Syrian airfield near Latakia, according to TV channel Fox News, citing sources in the Pentagon

According to the correspondent, the Russian experts erected about one hundred dwellings near the port of Latakia. It is also reported on the transfer of the same paramilitary parts without solid characters that Russia has used in Ukraine, the so-called “green men.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, Israeli Defense Ministry stated the Russians in recent days had dispatched military advisers as well as an active force in Syria, with the main goal of setting up an air base near the city of Latakia, which could deploy fighter jets and helicopters in strikes against IS militants.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that Russia supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but it rejected reports about the participation of Russian forces in hostilities.
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