Russian official calls for investigation into U.S. moon landing

Buzz Aldrin on the moon

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969.


TORONTO – According to a Russian newspaper, a Russian official is calling for an international investigation into the Apollo moon landings.

While Vladimir Markin, Russia’s Investigative Committee spokesperson, acknowledges the moon landings happened, he is demanding answers as to how valuable documentation of the moon landings went missing.

In 2009, NASA admitted to losing original footage of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, the first time humans set foot on another world. However, television footage was able to be restored to mark the occasion.

Markin’s remarks were in response to the U.S.-led corruption investigation into the international soccer federation FIFA. The organization’s president, Sepp Blatter, resigned after several FIFA executives were arrested over fraud allegations. Some of the public called into question Russia’s role as host of the 2018 World Cup. More at Source
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