Russian “Meteor”… Possible US “Excalibur” Weapon Provocation

Russian “Meteor”… Possible US Excalibur Weapon Provocation

More wide eyed theorists have suggested that the object may not have been a meteor at all and could have been a satellite that was shot down, or some form of kinetic bombardment weapon aimed at Russia.

The latter theory seems to have stemmed from comments made by Russian nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who claimed that the flashes and sonic booms witnessed were the results of a secret US weapons test.

Zhirinovsky, known for making such startling claims about advanced weaponry, suggested that he had advance knowledge of a test. He also claimed that US Secretary of State John Kerry had attempted to warn Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about a coming “provocation” earlier this week, but couldn’t reach him.



When I first read this report from Infowars, it reminded me of the Phoenix Journals article about secret weapons,  Joshua, and Excalibur…. read more about in Phoenix Journal #3 Space Gate – The Veil Removed

Use your OWN DISCERNMENT for these coming times…. as this example shows… we’ve got crazy people in leadershp, with all sorts of weapons, the public hasn’t heard of.

What Could This “Meteorite” Be?

So far on the radar screen… it’s looking like it’s either “Excalibur”, or connected to Planet X, or just a hunk of rock randomly flying through space (yeah right!)….. Remember the Russians and US are in bed together…. but fighting… varies levels of insanity abound.

Be well… if any of this is unsettling, go into your heartspace…

Indian in the machine

Phoenix Jouranl 3
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
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Hatonn provides Facts concerning the governmental cover-up of extraterrestrials visiting our planet, and crashing on our planet, as early as the late 1940s/early 1950s. Historical perspective of the period from the late 40s to present is put forth with many surprising, startling and troubling details of secret actions by governmental agencies and representatives. Disclosure of various “secret” agencies and societies, such as the “above top-secret” MJ-12 (Majestic 12), The Jason Society, The Bilderbergers, the secret government, the “grey-men” and details regarding their strategies and operating methods. Past cover-ups are exposed. Clarification of the ongoing peaceful intent and involvement of the beings from space. Signs of the times, prophecies and the involvement of Satan and Christ in these “end times are clearly stated. The correlation between Christ and extraterrestrials is clarified. (Index Included)
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