Russia Warns Swedes & Fins NOT TO PARTICIPATE in upcoming Military drills with USA in Baltic States; Sweden Agrees!


Today, The Russian Ambassador to Sweden told them they should not participate in the upcoming military drills being sponsored by the United States, in the Baltics — specifically, Estonia.

Instead of telling Russia that Sweden is a sovereign nation and that “We’ll send our military wherever we see fit”Sweden promptly caved-in and agreed they would not land their military jets in Estonia during the upcoming military exercises with the USA.

The Ambassador told Sweden that Finland was given the same instructions; no word on whether the Fins will chicken-out too.

The fact that Russia is now telling other European neighbors which military drills they can participate in, is a HUGE sign that they plan to push other countries around the same way they are pushing Ukraine around.

This has “expansionist plans” written all over it. Europe is clearly in danger from future Russia Aggression and the Swedes have shown themselves to be the first cowards on the continent, to bow and kneel to their Russian neighbors.

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