Russia Successfully Test Fired Nuclear Capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile yesterday

RS-12M Topol ballistic missile (file photo)

RS-12M Topol ballistic missile (file photo)
Russian military says it has successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable RS-12M Topol missile in the nation’s southern region as part of what it describes as a series of tests of new combat equipment.

“The training combat part of the missile hit a target on the Sary-Shagan testing ground in Kazakhstan,” Russian Defense Ministry’s press service was quoted as saying in an RT report on Thursday.

According to the report, a test launch of the three-stage Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was conducted at the Kapustin Yar testing ground in the country’s Astrakhan region.

The defense ministry further asserted that the central task of the launch was to confirm the stability of the main characteristics of such class of rockets during extended service.

It also added that the test results will be used to develop new “effective complexes of means to overcome missile defense for equipping new complexes.”

While the nuclear arms race among the world’s major powers continue unabated, other nations are being harassed for even pursuing civilian nuclear technology for energy production and other peaceful objectives

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