Room Goes SILENT When Hawley Exposes Fauci’s Blatant Lies – VIDEO

Watch the room go SILENT when Sen. Josh Hawley exposes Dr. Fauci’s blatant lies.

The Nippa virus that they are conducting research research on has a 60% death rate… 

China is doing gain of function research on 60% lethal Nipah Virus…

“In 2019 [the Chinese] were doing synthetic biology on the Nipah virus which is 60% lethal. We just experienced a 1% lethal virus. My estimates would be that [Nipah outbreak] could set us back a MILLENNIUM.”

The lockdowns, the social distancing, the masking, the experimental vaccines, the mandates, the business closures, the job loss, the severe depression, the economic impact, the censorship, the centralization of power, the increased government control, the segregation, the discrimination, the harmful hospital protocols, the unnecessary death, and every other piece of the official COVID-19 narrative rests on the shoulders of those who where supposed to look out for the public’s health.

Re China:
Did China produce the MRNA vaccine for MODERNA?
Did China produce the MRNA vaccine for AstraZeneca?
Did China produce the MRNA vaccine for Johnson & Johnson?
Did China produce the vaccine for Pfizer?

All four of those big pharma companies state that they used the Chinese genomic upload to engineer their injections
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