Ron Paul Thrills Crowd With Airtime on Leno

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Friday night marked the start of Ron Paul’s $4 million money bomb that extended through the weekend.

Friday night was another milestone for Dr. Paul as he received an open floor and generous air time with Late Night’s Jay Leno.

He probably had more talk time than all the GOP debates combined, but with just as much enthusiastic crowd cheers and millions of at-home viewers.

Leno had lots of thoughtful questions planned that Paul appeared to answer candidly and unflinchingly. The host remarked on Paul’s age and pondered why so many young people go for the candidate, age 76. His response most likely endeared him more to his youthful fans.

Leno asked about his view on the role of the federal government, power of agencies like the EPA, taxation, legalization of drugs, foreign policy and his opinion of the other candidates to name a few topics.

Later, comedian and Fear Factor host Joe Rogan joined the group wearing a Ron Paul shirt he had received in time for the show. Rogan has been vocal this year about his admiration for Paul and is featured in many of our postings recently.

Watch the entire interview below, commercial free.

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