Ron Paul: My Job Is to Be the ‘Repeal’ President

Ron Paul – My Job is to be the “Repeal” President


NEW ORLEANS, La. – Presidential candidate, ardent defender of Liberty, and the best hope for averting a collapse of the country, the one and only Dr. Ron Paul joined Mike today to discuss a multitude of issues facing Americans and the solutions he will seek as President in order to restore America back to proper Constitutional moorings. As such, Dr. Paul continues to stand firmly behind ending the American Empire, which he indicates will happen regardless of whether or not we return to the humble foreign policy espoused by the Founding Generation and strongly advocated by him. Surely, the purposeful return to a foreign policy actually focused on national security rather than militarism is far superior to the alternative; forced withdrawal as the financial burden of supporting the military industrial complex obliterates an already damaged economy and results in a very real threat to national security.

Further, Ron Paul sees the deliberate end of Straussian Imperial foreign policy as the only manner in which to handle existing domestic obligations such as Medicaid and social security. He asserts that by using the $6.7 billion spent monthly here at home instead of supporting militarism, the American government can meet the promises made to those already dependent on federal aid and simultaneously allow future generations the ability to reclaim lost economic liberties due to the ever-expanding national debt.

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