Ron Paul influence in 2012 worries John McCain

As if we needed further proof that it didn’t really matter if you voted for McCain or Obama in 2008. McCain appeared this morning  on “This Week” and vocalized his displeasure at the growing “isolationism” (his word, not mine) being expressed by the 2012 GOP candidates. Of course it was McCain, who during a debate in 2007, accused Ron Paul’s “isolotianism” of being the kind of policy that brought about WWII and the rise of Hitler. Here’s a video of that exchange:

John McCain’s weak campaign has forced him to attack Ron Paul out of left field on Iraq during a question about taxes at a Republican debate. Dr. Paul laughs at McCain while he tries to accuse him of being an isolationist, and then blames Paul’s wanting the troops home for World War II and Hitler’s rise to power. Then McCain uses the troops to get applause. NOTE: Whenever anyone on the stage mentioned the troops, the crowd cheered.

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