Ron Paul could object to Obama’s request


Rep. Ron Paul speaks during a meeting with business leaders.

Paul could delay — though not single-handedly block — House action on the resolution. | AP Photo Close

Rep. Ron Paul was ready to pounce on President Barack Obama’s request for a Sept. 7 speech before Speaker John Boehner outright rejected it.

Paul, a House Republican from Texas who is a candidate for the presidency, said he was considering whether to use his power as a House member to object to Obama’s surprise request to speak at the same time as a long-planned Republican presidential debate in California.

Ron Paul could object to Obama’s request

Even before Boehner sent a letter to the White House indicating Sept. 7 would not work for House lawmakers, Paul’s spokesman Jesse Benton said “Dr. Paul is weighing his options,” when asked if he would object to the administration’s request for a joint session of Congress.

“It is undignified that the President of the United States would resort to such transparent tactics to step on our Republican debate,” Benton said. “The real losers here are the American people, who deserve the opportunity to watch both events.”

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