Romney releases putative birth certificate


Romney releases putative birth certificate

In a move that smells of further pandering to the birthers (since there are no legitimate questions about Romney’s birth facts), Willard Mitt Romney released his birth certificate to the press, according to a Reuters story.

The PDF file provided by Reuters is a putative computer-printed short-form birth certificate. An image version follows:

Mitt Romney birth certificate (short form)

I’ve worked on so may vital records projects that I had to stop and think whether this certificate is one of mine or not (it isn’t).

There’s not much interesting unless one thinks like birther, and then one has to consider that the Cold Case Posse said that a scanned birth certificate must have 40 or more layers, and this one doesn’t. There’s no name of the hospital (it’s known) and there’s no doctor’s name or signature. The certificate is obviously trimmed and there is no visible raised seal. So by birther standards, this is just an image on the Internet, and not a very satisfactory one.

Also we remember that Obama’s certificate had the infamous Alvin Onaka smiley face. Well, this one has the Glenn Copeland furrowed unibrow:
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