River turns mysteriously blood red overnight in Tigre near Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nobody knows what has happened near Buenos Aires yet! But baffled officials are investigating why the first section of the Parana River Delta turned blood red overnight in Tigre, Argentina Saturday morning. Residents have been asked to stay away from the waters until analyses have been run.

The first section of the Parana River Delta in Tigre turned blood red just a few km away from Buenos Aires in Argentina.
Baffled officials first suspected an algae invasion.

First biologists suggested that the red color was due to an algae bloom, but this hypothesis has been rejected after no such organisms were found in the water samples.

Now investigators suspect the red color is due to illegal waste dumping.
Residents have been advised not to touch the water until final results are available.
But some people braver than others kayak on the red water in Tigre, Argentina.

Now, officials suspect a clandestine dumping of industrial waste upstream in the area of ​​Don Torcuato and recommended inhabitants to stay away from the water until authorities have the final results of the sampled water. This will take approximately 48 hours.

Be careful guys! HaTTiP

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