France’s yellow vest movement has spread to at least three other European countries. The movement started as an opposition to high fuel taxes but is now focused on governments as well, as people feel unheard.

Reports from Belgium have come in since last week as yellow jackets showed up in Wallonia and later in Flanders. Yesterday large protests shook up Brussels.

Dutch sources say the yellow vests were protesting in several cities in the Netherlands as well.

In The Hague a large group of yellow vests peacefully protested while singing songs.

In Maastricht there were protests as well. Dutch police weren’t very cooperative and sometimes ordered people to remove their yellow vests. They also made some arrests.

Around one thousand people showed up in Berlin as well. A lot of people showed solidarity with the anti-Macron movement and were wearing yellow vests.

Berlin’s protesters demanded the resignation of Angela Merkel and the cancellation of the UN Migration Pact for Germany.

As we’ve said in our analysis, an increasing number of people in Western Europe feel unheard by their globalist governments.

The fact that the yellow vests movement spreads rapidly, puts the pressure on governments to finally listen to their people concerning migration, taxes and culture.