Rev. Jesse Jackson is heading to Dallas to meddle in the Thomas Duncan affair – VIDEO

You can’t make this stuff up, The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson is going to Dallas at the request of Duncan’s family to ensure he is getting proper medical care. I didn’t know Jesse went to medical school and had any expertise in these matters. Wow, I guess Jesse Jackson is an “expert” on everything.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was in Dallas Tuesday to make sure Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is getting the best medical care possible.

Rev. Jackson said Duncan’s family asked for his help. He recently tweeted that “he should not be shunned” and to “kill the disease and not the person.”

“Thomas deserves the love and the best medical treatment American can afford as has happened for all the other Americans who have contracted this terrible disease,” he told FOX 4. “He must be treated as a patient with all the human rights deserved, not as a criminal.”

Duncan moved to Dallas from Liberia about a week before he got sick. AlthoughLiberian officials said he lied on his travel forms when leaving the country, Jackson believes he did not know he was exposed.

The reverend said Duncan simply tried to help a dying woman and then came to Dallas to get married.

Doctors at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital gave Duncan the experimental drug brincidofovir after his conditioned worsened over the weekend. But, Jackson believes the hospital has been slow at getting him the best medicine.

“Now there’s such a national concern about it he’s getting an experimental drug. We’re gonna hope and pray that it is successful,” he said.

He pointed out that Duncan was sent home from the hospital despite having symptoms “maybe because he didn’t have insurance.”

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