Retired Military General: Justice always served, not necessarily quickly


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The last couple of years have certainly been controversial. In fact, the issues of fiscal irresponsibility in the government, an economy moving toward meltdown, a increasingly destabilizing healthcare and retirement systems, and an overreaching federal government are just some of the hot button issues that have hit the headlines in which both Christians and non-Christians have taken an interest.  But one issue that seems to have been swept under the rug more often than it’s been looked at has been the longstanding question of whether or not Obama is truly eligible to be the President of the United States.

The authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate is once again being explored, this time by radio host Mark Gillar of The Tea Party Power Hour and a team of experts in applications such as Adobe, as well as individuals in fields such as scanning, engineering, and others offering insights into problems with its authenticity from a technical standpoint.

Gillar began with some common sense concepts in an interview with author and investigative journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi, who has been pursuing this particular topic for a few years now.  On Sunday’s program Corsi was especially outspoken about an error regarding the serial number on the certificate, a rather peculiar way in which the certificate seems to have been stored by the Hawaii department of Health, an error regarding the way Obama’s race and address were notated, and the fact that the Hawaii Department of Health has apparently been rather unwilling to answer questions and unwilling to let anyone see the original, which Corsi said Hawaii claims is in a vault in Hawaii.

Corsi also said that there is legal action taking place and a subpoena that has been issued whereby Hawaii is being notified that they must release the original document from the vault for inspection by experts.

Gillar’s next guest was Orly Taitz, who is a California attorney that has obtained subpoenas to get Obama’s original birth certificate released on August 8 so that she can view it.  One of the subpoenas even includes the signature of the clerk of courts in Hawaii. Nevertheless, Taitz does not expect the Hawaii Department of Health to be cooperative. She says that she has found that Obama is using the Connecticut Social Security number of a deceased person as his own, and that she has affidavits from three experts showing that his birth certificate is forged.  She has also contacted some Hawaii attorneys to assist her.  In the event that the Department of Health in Hawaii doesn’t cooperate, the case will go to the 9th circuit and she intends to ask that this new case be joined with an old one that is presently in the 9th circuit, and that the same panel would review both cases and issue their opinions.

Taitz says that the birth certificate that has been released on the internet is “a cheap forgery” with letters that are varied type settings and colors showing in which some things were written by pen and others computer generated.  She added that Hawaii is, “playing games” and that when her supporters call, that they are told things like Hawaii’s director of health has “left the island and they don’t know where she is” and that there isn’t a deputy director of health.  She points out that such evasiveness falls under aiding and abetting in illegal activity.  She has additional information about the issue at her website


Another guest Gillar interviewed was an Ohio private investigator who discovered the Social Security card issue, Susan Daniels. She was pulled into this issue because of things she became concerned about in relation to the TARP and stimulus bills. Upon further investigation through a data base she could access as a private investigator, she found that Obama’s Social Security number was indeed a Connecticut number – yet his sister’s was issued in Hawaii. Obama’s Social Security number is suspected of originally belonging to a person born in 1890 who applied for a Social Security number sometime in the 1970s because of wanting to get medical care.

Another notable guest on Gillar’s program was retired Major General Paul Vallely.  Vallely claims that several “technicians” at the White House went over the document and “unlayered” it and declared it to be a forgery. He also noted multiple discrepancies related to Obama’s background and college transcripts, specifically mentioning that Kenya is declared as his father’s birthplace on the birth certificate, yet he says that Kenya was not even a country at that time.

Vallely points out that not only was Obama not properly vetted at the federal level, but he wasn’t properly vetted at the state level, either.  In addition, “We don’t appear to have any strong leaders in Congress who will take [this issue] on,” and so the cover-up will continue as ordered.  Valley goes on to note that Obama applied for “student aid as a foreign student,” and that Obama’s father “had him down [on a form] as a Muslim in Indonesia.”

Gillar asked Vallely what contact he’s had with congress, and Vallely denied having any, and in fact that he makes an effort to stay away from it because he knows that other organizations and people “have been pressing not only Congress, but the court system all the way up to the Supreme Court.”

Vallely went on to admit that the FBI really needs to institute an investigation, but that it is being avoided because of suspicion of backlash.  Vallely said that he personally feels that such a notion is incorrect, insisting that an investigation really needs to happen before the next election because of present economic crisis and all the corruption among government leaders.  As someone who was Fox’s first military analyst after 9/11, Vallely claims that he is aware that Fox has been told to stay away from this topic, and that this is known because of some inside information.

Gillar asked Vallely if he thinks that mainstream media or even conservative media will ever take on this issue and if justice will ever be served in this case, and Vallely seemed optimistic that it would.  Pointing out what he felt was a pattern throughout history, he insisted that justice is always served, but not necessarily quickly. Vallely’s web address

This article is a simple summary of some of the guests that Gillar invited to be on his program. To listen to the entire show and hear a detailed technical analysis about the questionable authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate, please click on TheTea Party Power Hour link.


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