Remember That Gay Couple Married by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? They Just Got Charged With Rape

“Schultz came forward last August with his allegations, waiving his anonymity as the possible victim of a sex crime to describe how the couple allegedly preyed on him. He reported his claims to the Houston Police Department at the same time,” according to the report.

He described a grizzly scene in which he blacked out after being offered a drink, only to wake up sore and bleeding.

David Daniels, 52, and his conductor husband Scott Walters, 37, were arrested in Michigan, where they live, on Tuesday night and are due to be extradited back to Texas imminently to face rape charges.

Source: Opera singer, 52, and his husband are arrested for ‘raping’ man | Daily Mail Online

  • David Daniels and his husband Scott Walters were arrested in Michigan on Tuesday 
  • They remain in jail awaiting extradition to Houston, Texas, to face charges
  • They are accused of raping Samuel Schultz when he was 23 in 2010 
  • Schultz publicly claimed last year that the pair raped him after giving him something to drink which he said made him black out 
  • The couple angrily denied the allegations and say the sex was consensual 
  • Daniels has been sued in the past by a University of Michigan student who claims he sexually harassed him 
  • He was also investigated by police for allegedly soliciting sex through Grindr but was never charged
  • The University of Michigan, where he is a professor, continues to pay him a salary of $191,000  
Daniels and Walters got married in a 2014 ceremony that was officiated by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg
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