Remember Pete Santilli from the Oregon standoff? Here’s an update.

Remember Pete Santilli from the Oregon standoff?  Here’s a Video where Deb gives a quick update.


Oregon standoff case: Judge maps out plans for jury selection, schedules last pretrial hearings

According to prosecutors, Santilli posted on his show’s website about 682 pages of stolen federal Bureau of Land Management paperwork relating to Harney County ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and son Steven Hammond, who were convicted of arson on federal land.

“This material was unlawfully removed from the refuge during the occupation from the office of an archeologist working at the refuge,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Ethan Knight wrote in a trial brief. “Most of these materials were never released lawfully.”

Santilli’s lawyer Coan said Wednesday, “We don’t think that’s relevant to the charge and is protected by the First Amendment.”

For anyone who hasn’t kept up with the folks who initially got arrested during/after the standoff here’s a quick summary. Everyone who has been tried were found guilty (most by plea bargain, etc). Those who haven’t been tried (which I think Pete’s the only one left) have had a few extensions.

Ammon Bundy Pete Santilli 3:16-CR-00051-BR

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