Recent terrible news from Russia – a military coup in Moscow on Red Square tanks, Putin has disappeared, Medvedev resigns

переворот-в-москвеThe worst rumors were confirmed. In Moscow, starts a military coup . On the streets of Moscow’s tanks and troops . All key parts of the city controlled by the military. Built a stage for ad people about the change of power. Who come to the defense Vladimir Vladimirovich. Who will protect the beloved Russian President Yeltsin in 1991. See you later.

Muscovites managed to take photographs confirming these facts. According to witnesses, tanks hide behind tilted white trucks, which were brought under the Kremlin earlier … APCs not really hide. Number of military rolls.

Recent terrible news from Russia – a military coup in Moscow on Red Square tanks, Putin has disappeared, Medvedev resigns. Druzhbayki pass: In Moscow, adjacent to the tracks, especially on the M2, M7, M8, M11, A103, A104, A106, others marked movement of internal troops of armored vehicles, columns of buses with curtained windows, a lot of Tarpaulin trucks and refrigerators. Many roadblocks GIBeBeDov no / type of our DAYshnikov / … on Lenin, Kutuzov and Yaroslovskomu highway vengeance darting small and large tuples assorted bureaucrats. On access roads to the dachas near Barvikha enhanced security. Ring / head office there the prostitutes / third day as a patrolled by large groups of combat helicopters Ka-26 and Ka-52, especially areas Odintsovo, Biryulyovo Domodovo and Khimki. Internal Troops of the Russian Federation, a division of the Federal Security Service, are given in full combat readiness. In the markets, bazaars, in some squares observed accumulation of small groups of persons of Caucasian nationality. While behave quietly. In the area of ​​China Town, as well as in close proximity to the Kremlin guys have counted more than 67 scattered and parked to the side of trucks. A 9 trucks are almost at the entrance to the Red Square, but imparted to them the policeman says, they say they are disassembled scene to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the seizure of the Crimea. Drivers of trucks do not leave. In all other respects, the center of Moscow live their “quiet” and “peaceful” life. What does it mean?The walls of the Kremlin mounted the stage, and, most likely, it will serve as the main stand of Russia, which will be announced resignation from the post of Putin on a number of unpredictable factors.

Consider another option – demise of former President Putin. In this case, do not hesitate to describe a possible scenario, but I know for sure, in the Administration of the President of the Ukrainian develop scenarios of the first reaction and actions of Ukraine in the case of all possible options. Tactfully.

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