Rare Virus [EV-D68] hospitalized dozens of Midwest children in to ICUs

A rare virus has sickened dozens of Colorado children, filling up intensive care units at hospitals around the state.
Human enterovirus 68 has the same symptoms of the common cold, but within hours those affected are severely ill.

Parents are shocked that within just hours of exhibiting cold symptoms, their children are left gasping for air and placed on a ventilator in the ICU.

Since Human enterovirus 68 is a virus, antibiotics don’t work. Doctors can only treat the symptoms, helping kids breathe and trying to keep their airways open.



Apparently, it’s starting to slow down in the Kansas City area.

Jackson said new cases of respiratory illnesses at Children’s Mercy appear to have reached a plateau in recent days, a sign that the outbreak may be waning in Kansas City.

“This could burn itself out very quickly,” she said.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/art…rylink=cpy

Hopefully, it can slow down enough nationally before winter hits to prevent it from spreading fast and to prevent dual flus.

It died out rather quickly in the 60’s so fingers crossed that it happens again.

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