Rand Paul Calls Out Obama Over ISIL War

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with President Obama on the use of military force against the Islamic State group.

Secretary of State Kerry became famous as an anti-war liberal decades ago, when he asked Congress “who will be the last to die for a mistake.”That same man is now probably the most visible liberal proponent of unlimited war-making powers, as a member of this administration. 


When I asked him at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing how on God’s green Earth a resolution to use force against the perpetrators of  9/11 in Afghanistan could be construed to apply to the Islamic State in Iraq in 2014, he replied that it didn’t matter. The president could justify basically any war making as an “Article II” power.

SOURCE: http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2014/11/11/todays-big-read-rand-paul-calls-out-obama-over-isil-war

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