Radical Muslims Invade Atlanta Georgia, What Happens Next Is Bone Chilling

During an Pro-Palestine rally in July 2014 one Georgia man stayed on the sidewalk to film what was happening.

Un-provoked and out of nowhere some random Muslim man decides this guy with a camera is somehow a threat and confronts him. Watching this really makes my blood boil.

Protesters take to the streets chanting, “free Palestine”.

Moments later a man confronts the guy filming. He threw his arms up and asks, “why you take picture?”

The protester gets in the Georgia mans face and immediately gets aggressive and starts pushing him.

Then it gets more ridiculous. Watch the confrontation. WARNING: Strong Language.

I can’t believe they allow radical Muslims like him to come in our country and do this on our streets. There has to be a line drawn somewhere.


This is happening in your country. Unless we do something to get these radicals out of our country we will find ourselves in a position of too little too late. We need to identify these radicals and deport them immediately.

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