Putin is allegedly FURIOUS: Russian navy trapped! No entry to the Baltic! – VIDEO

If this is true, France and the UK could close the English Channel to Russian vessels . Territorial waters extend 12 nautical miles from both France and the UK and the Channel is 20 miles (17.38 nautical miles) across the Straight of Dover. So a Russian ship must pass through either French or UK waters.

Norway and Denmark can close the Kattegat to them, but have not done this yet…

A naval blockade is effectively waging war on a nation.


Norway is producing some of the worlds most advanced sea to land missile systems which makes Norway a lot more powerful than it seems. They can hit targets deep into Russia which makes the Norwegian navy unique. Sweden and Finland are also highly advanced and highly prepared. Denmark is another NATO member. Putin is single highhandedly uniting NATO in a way no one thought possible.

A historical detail: Sweden and Finland was the same country for 700 years and was for a couple of 100 years a major military power.

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