Putin calls Turkey ‘accomplices of terrorists’ after Russian jet shot down.

Putin calls Turkey ‘accomplices of terrorists’ after Russian jet shot down – live updates

Turkey says it has shot down a warplane near the Syrian border. Footage from the Anadolu Agency purports to show the burning plane crashing into the mountainside followed by plumes of black smoke. Two pilots appear to have ejected from the plane. Turkey says it issued warnings before firing on the plane. Russia’s defence ministry confirmed an SU-24 fighter jet has been shot down near Syria’s border with Turkey

Russia says jet shot down near Turkey-Syria border

Nato meets as Russia confirms one of two pilots dead after jet shot down – as it happened

  • US and France call on Turkey and Russia to prevent escalation
  • Turkey says its jets have shot down a warplane near Syrian border
  • Russia says an SU-24 fighter jet was shot down over Syria
  • One jet pilot and marine from rescue helicopter dead, says Russia
  • Putin’s spokesman calls it ‘a very serious event’
  • Turkey releases radar images of the jet over its airspace
  • Nato to hold extraordinary council meeting on Turkey’s request
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