We Will Be Back

It is good to Hear that public intelligence is going to be back.

There Netherlnads based server was taken offline. The following is from them and explains it better than I can



On August 21, 2011 our server in the Netherlands was shut down due to complaints made against content on our website.  We must make clear to all our readers and to those who would wish to do us harm: everything we post on our site is publicly available.  We do not “hack” anything.  We do not “leak” anything.  We distribute information that is already publicly available.

If we have posted information from your company, military unit, government agency or other corporate entity it is only because you or someone connected to you has published this information themselves by making it available for all the world to see.  Our only belief is that knowledge is free and that when you post your information to public networks for anyone to see, the public, who can so benefit from that knowledge, should be encouraged to see it as well.

The information published on our website has been referenced in news articles by Newsweek, Time, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, Slate, the Atlantic, Wired, the Christian Science Monitor, the BBC, Der Standard, Aftenposten, the Toronto Star, the Guardian, Fox News, Foreign Policy, the Center for Investigative Reporting, NPR, Talking Points Memo, Gawker, Al Jazeera, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and Reuters, as well as a variety of other newspapers and publications around the world.

Information published on our website has helped to inform UN reports and has facilitated academic studies on a number of topics, from electronic privacy to the war in Afghanistan.  All of this has been done with information available to any member of the public at any time. To illustrate this point, we will direct our readers to the source of the information that we believe was most responsible for our server being taken offline:

Alternatively, you can type this into Google and download whatever you like:

“document control”

Equal access to information is a human right.
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