Psychiatrist Frederick Badel explains mental torture methods implemented since 2020 to induce fear, compliance and helplessness | by Lena Bloch | Medium

I would like to draw attention to a very important issue that came to the foreground during this pandemic.

Source: Psychiatrist Frederick Badel explains mental torture methods implemented since 2020 to induce fear, compliance and helplessness | by Lena Bloch | Medium

It is the technique of psychological torture resulting in breaking will and inducing obedience.

After 9/11, as torture was legalized in the US, American “scientists” started to work on not just physical torture, but the methods by which the will of a human being can be destroyed, thinking and reasoning capacity destroyed up to the point of insanity (so the human being does not understand what is real and what is not), complete obedience and helplessness generated, so the person clings to the torturer and believes him to be a savior and a father figure.

French psychiatrist Frederick Badel has isolated these methods, made a list of them and explained each method in detail.

It is a common thing to mention “mind control” and “manipulation” into compliance during this pandemic, but there is no clear understanding how EXACTLY is being done, with what devices in media, regulations decrees and general discourse. It is extremely important to get yourself familiar with these devices. Even if you are the one who refuses to comply, these methods are still having an effect on you in forms of depression, paranoia, self-isolation, alienation, dystopian fantasies.

The pandemic has provided a testing opportunity for NATO’s Cognitive Warfare, the listed below torture techniques, technology of surveillance, data mining, population manipulation, generation of “protests” that are designed to enforce the State terror and so on.

Please read this rather long text and try to remember what we have been through since 2020 and how these methods were and are being implemented on the global population.

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So, here is Frederick Badel speaking:


How do we manage to make a whole population wear a mask without any proof of the usefulness of wearing it? How is it possible to propose the principle of a vaccine passport for a virus that is not very lethal, mutant, and that kills mainly people over 80 years old?

And how is it that these proposals, solutions or injunctions trigger so few reactions from the populations concerned?

Certain techniques of mass manipulation make it possible to explain the rapid evolution of thought content on a population scale and the adhesion of a large part of this population to a new program.

Mass manipulation is not new. The tools to implement it have been modernized and have gained in speed. Manipulation allows for the large-scale dissemination of propaganda aimed at modifying the usual points of reference and beliefs, then replacing them with new ones, without any deception being detected.

Nowadays, the rapid propagation of State propaganda is carried out via television, which remains the main daily information tool for a majority of French people. This real “institution” that is this communication and information tool usually occupies a central place in a living room or a room where meals are taken. The television captures the eyes and the conversations. Experiments dating from the end of the 1960s (Thomas Mulholland, Herbert Krugman) show that after only one minute of viewing, the viewer’s brain activity changes from beta to alpha frequencies. This passage signs the blunting of the logical and critical thought for a relaxation close to hypnosis, which can explain many sleepings in front of the TV. Propaganda will therefore use the hypnotic activity of this omnipresent tool.

The TV currently offers continuous programs. Two elements are used:

– The repetition of identical information to populations in a semi hypnotic state allows to better anchor this information in the brain. The population receiving the same information acquires a unique way of thinking which creates a social pressure, peer pressure, a mechanism of self-regulation of the people by itself. A natural function of man is in fact to unconsciously follow the social model; at the level of the individual, a new model is established to correspond to the dominant thought. The herd instinct and obedience to the rule transform citizens into guardians of the established order.

– The generalization of programs that do not involve reflection, the broadcasting of reality TV programs that appeal to distraction, allow to divert attention and to dumb down the people by distancing them from the real social problems.

The programs thus propose an alternation of disturbing information and alienating programs allowing relaxation.

TV is the most effective medium for conditioning the population. Newspapers, debates during meetings for example, are less efficient because they are not hypnotic. Readers or listeners keep a critical mind, a reflection, which makes it more difficult to access the subconscious to introduce new concepts.

Media hype on television uses certain strategies to encourage the modification of beliefs. Social engineering has been developed since the 1930s and more particularly after the war. It accelerated with the arrival of television, which allowed it to be rapidly introduced into all homes.

On a hypnotized population, the goal is to progressively erase certain existing mental programs and replace them with new ones. Like on a computer.

– The strategy of shocks aims to initiate and maintain social chaos. The shock created by an announcement, an image, a commentary can provoke a state of stupefaction (remember the viewing of images of the World Trade Center). The images of submerged hospitals, of patients evacuated in special convoys, the alarming comments speculating on the number of deaths to come, the sound messages, have favored conditioning on a Pavlovian model. The successive shocks were distilled in a random way and quite close together. The masses, through progressive conditioning, anxiously awaited the next shock provided by executive interventions.

The successive shocks were accompanied by a strategy aimed at making people believe that the sacrifices were painful but necessary and that everything would be better tomorrow. This strategy helped to amplify social cohesion around the official narrative.

It was also accompanied by a particularly formidable tool of manipulation, namely infantilization. For example, allowing oneself to travel within a kilometer of one’s home, for a limited period of time, on condition that one wears a mask, is infantilizing, humiliating and very conditioning; it places the gendarme in each of us and forces us to transgress in conscience. The stupid demands imposed are part of Biderman’s charter of coercion.

– The strategy of small steps: since the first announcements, freedoms have been insensitively reduced. A good announcement for the population today is the absence of new deprivations. One year after the beginning of the crisis, we are in a state of emergency, under curfew, with border surveillance, systematic tests and under the threat of mandatory vaccination. Insensitively, our freedoms are being reduced, with the government skillfully adjusting the slider to minimize the risks of coming out of hypnosis.

The techniques used, once fear has been instilled to achieve chaos, are to deliberately distort thinking into new concepts or a new language. At a later time, a savior may propose a new order to resolve the crisis.

The government during the health crisis made extensive use of techniques to make the situation seem entirely new:

– A neo-language: the notion of cluster appeared at the beginning of the crisis. The population discovering this word attributed to it the dramatic emotional tone of the moment and kept it. In short, cluster equals danger. Clusters multiplied, carrying with them fear. The same happened with patient zero, PCR tests, rising plateaus, variants etc. The pseudo-scientific, and therefore credible, presentation of these concepts has built a frightening world day after day.

– Pseudo concepts:

“The world after”: only a few weeks after the beginning of the epidemic, the presentation of the “world after” was used to give a dramatic coloring to the virus. The world after refers in the subconscious to the great catastrophes, whether natural, atomic or viral, that disaster films are so fond of. This concept eliminates any possible return to the old order.

“We will have to live with the virus”: the uninformed public thought that we did not have, until now, to live with viruses in a sustainable way, that they disappeared after the epidemics, and that the only hope left to us was vaccination to get rid of them (since there is officially no treatment in France).

“Objective zero covid”. In contradiction with the previous concept, it makes any exit from the crisis impossible. The presence of these two statements side by side shows the nonsense, very popular in government communication. The objective being unattainable, it prepares the following concept.

“The only possible way out of the crisis is vaccination”: this statement short-circuits common sense questions about the necessity of such a treatment, its conditions of elaboration, etc. Coupled with the threat of perishing, this statement is the only way out. Coupled with the threat of perpetuating the travel restrictions that vaccination could put an end to, many people think of vaccinating themselves, unknowingly allowing such a measure to be put in place. Indeed, without mass vaccination, the health passport or an equivalent would be impossible. This is clearly a case of manufacturing consent.

These procedures do not allow for a serene debate on the real issues and confiscate any constructive discussion. The stupefaction of the minds no longer allows everyone to restore the common sense that would have allowed us to ask, for example: “how did we deal with the previous epidemics?” or “why speak so soon of a world after or of a war for a virus?”, “why rush into the search for a vaccine without knowing whether a vaccine is a solution for the current episode?” “why do many countries have a treatment? The basic questions that would allow for a structured and argued reflection have been carefully avoided.

Neo-language and pseudo-concepts, renewed over and over again, make it possible to maintain the terror and to suppress the meaning of the information. Gradually, a fact or a situation will be named by overused words diverted from their original meaning.

In this new language, the words “cure” and “sick” have disappeared, since the concept of epidemic must be separated from the idea of patients to be treated. The epidemic becomes an epidemic of positive cases to isolate and contacts to identify. The people go from being afraid of being sick to being “positive” or even “contact” and meekly accept the tests and isolations.

– The exaltation of certain moral values: solidarity and a sense of ethics.

Wearing a mask, like vaccination, becomes an act to be proud of because it is philanthropic. They are even filmed by the media to be better highlighted.

The confinements, the closures of establishments, the decline of the economy, the depressions, the suicides, the delays in taking care of other pathologies, are justifiable because we are protecting the fragile people. The hypnosis of the screens makes it possible to evade the health catastrophe created by these supposedly saving measures. By protecting the most fragile, the lives of millions of people are crippled without any logical problem.

This social chaos is organized by a “cell” (here a defense council, a scientific council) proposing in a non-transparent way the liberticidal measures to be put in place. In an arbitrary way, without recourse to scientific arguments, even though they are available, without taking into account the numerous voices that have been raised to denounce the inefficiency and the harmfulness of these measures, this cell has not hesitated to vary the intensity of the shocks delivered to the whole population, alternating confinements and curfews, without anyone or almost anyone really questioning the term of these measures. This cell has used nonsense to disconnect the population even more from any reasoning (how many debates on the wearing of masks while standing, sitting, safety distances, and how many inept measures such as the closing of convivial spaces by preserving the access to the most frequented places).

The successive shocks allow to annihilate the capacity of reflection of the masses and to stun them, to erase all the previous reference marks. On this background of turbulence, of disorganization, it is possible to graft any program aiming at solving the chaos and at proposing/organizing/imposing the return to calm.

The current program is a terror program whose scenario is based on the propagation of one or several viruses.

The hypnotic trance in which a part of the people is immersed does not allow any more to rectify the information by observation. The chaotic world proposed on the screen has entered the subconscious of everyone and is constantly reinforced by the measures visible in everyday life, such as wearing a mask.

On the cognitive clean slate achieved in a short time by media power and mental manipulation techniques, a new world appears in which it is necessary to protect oneself from everything, even if it means dissolving fundamental freedoms.

Behaviors that would have been considered aberrant yesterday are the established social rule today. The best guardians of these new rules are the people who have been brainwashed. Successful manipulation leads the manipulated mass to believe that they themselves have decided on their behavior. They pass from one world to another by going through a crisis that is triggered and solved by others (arsonist strategy).

The next world is set up as announced. The virus was the pretext, the manipulation of the masses the means. Today, with little or no control, people are wearing masks, even in areas where they are not mandatory, they are reprimanding each other for not respecting the rule, it is normal for children to wear masks at school, for the elderly to be isolated in old people’s homes, the vaccine passport no longer shocks more than half the population and is considered a possible, even desired, way out of the crisis.

In short, we have experienced a seasonal epidemic whose political and media treatment has allowed us to reduce our fundamental rights, to shake up all the previous reference points and to establish new standards, completely out of step with reality.

The firepower of the political-media dyad has manufactured consent.

Note: Biderman’s coercion chart defines 8 criteria of torture. The techniques are used by abusive parents or spouses, cults, and on a large scale all totalitarian regimes; they allow to create subjugation and to break any resistance.

A comparison with the measures taken for the crisis is instructive.

– Isolation (deprivation of the social support that would give the capacity to resist),

– Monopolization of perception (desired effects, fixing attention on a difficult situation, eliminating competing information),

– Induced exhaustion,

– Threats (to induce helplessness and increase submission),

– Occasional indulgences (prevents addiction to deprivation, shock strategy).

– Demonstration of omnipotence,

– Degradation,

– Stupid demands imposed (to develop submission).

Frédéric BADEL

March 2021″

Translated from French, original text can be read here.
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