Pssst… Hey Canada, Yeah, you eh, This is the election video they do not want any one to see…

Oh and we know why , like a puppy dog at its masters feet #defundthecbc

This is the ad that Rosemary Barton and CBC are suing the Conservative Party of Canada over alleging that it portrays them as, wait for it, biased!

The sloppy witch hunt and her network are the epitome of anti conservative bias and this frivolous lawsuit during an election most ironically reaffirms it.

Some Say #DefundCBC I say at least Dismantle CBC News divisions and reform the ranks (or get new ones) to return to a balanced news culture and reporting format.

So to recap The CBC use your tax dollars to fight / suing it’s potential government on the eve of a federal election.


Using your tax dollars to sue the party leading the election polls, CBC sues the Conservative party over copyright and the ‘moral rights’ of journalists. Journalists like their Antifa admiring ‘Christian’ Michael Coren….


The shameless promotion of Justin Trudeau by @RosieBarton (selfies with Justin) and @CBCKatie Trudeau Campaign-like photo on her Twitter homepage = they need Justin to win to keep their jobs, they and their ilk are a threat to democracy

Bookmarked, retweeted and pinned. Boycott the Trudeau Broadcasting Corporation.

Mute on Facebook, Twitter.

No TV. No radio. No sat. No online. No Ads. No click-thru. No retweets.

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