PROOF: the Birth Certificate is a FORGERY

PROOF: the Birth Certificate is a FORGERY


No race-bait here, just pure unadulterated facts, that if President Obama’s Birth Certificate is real, why was or were there no signs of flattening in its form on the produced document in question. The birth certificate produced, thanks to Donald Trump in his demanding there of, is proof of forgery, thanks not to the usual antonymous tip from a reliable source but from an expert who has over twenty-five years in working with Adobe and Acrobat files. His company has produced over 40 books on the subject, to which he has penned enough information on “How To” with such software, “I could have done a much better replica myself, if the President had asked. The guy that did this is a bimbo in that he forgot to “Flatten” his works to soften the background edges so the fake letters blended, softly into the green paper.”

A true Tea Party believer, Gary Poyssick, as I, to which there is no prejudice with in either of us, as the only thing I am prejudice about is ignorance and trying to “Dupe” the public is pretty low, on my standard scale. Mr. Poyssick, my Publisher, The Online Fisherman, stands firmly behind his beliefs, as I do, that the certificate is a phony and through careful analysis, of the layers of this document in question; the pretty green paper, with overtones of a treasonous act; trying to fool the American People, is an outwardly blatant lie. Mr. Poyssick is even prepared to go to court, if necessary, in proving this document, President Obama Birth Certificate, is a true, on its own standing, a proof of a forgery! In Gary’s words again, an “Absolute, Oprah-proof

Teamed up with, another reliable source, who wishes to remain unmentioned, unless needed in court, an expert in the field of working with “Halo” imagines and scan flat pixel imagery software, the two forensic imaging experts slowly started dissecting the Presidents “Original Birth Certificate”.

Seventeen layers to this puzzle, to which who ever did the handy work, was good but not good enough. The world’s jails are full of those who felt it was the perfect crime, but if it was so perfect, why are they incarcerated? Whom ever did this almost a masterpiece, could not have expected another of higher caliber to look at it in a glance to notice, something was wrong. The “Layering” and “Feathering” were done to a perfection but the “Flattening” process was missing; the give away. Without any forethought that it was a fake, at a closer look he could see that it was a true fake!

Upon dismantling the document, Gary found a number of flaws because the document in question appeared not to be melded together and it was a layered document; a technology that has only been around for about 5 years, so how could the Birth Certificate be real? Opening the primary layer, he found more layers, “Grouped” and “Clipped” layers. He then began taking apart the document in question. Using the same software in creating this fake, Gary turned off the Clipped Group Images and what should have been ink, disappears from the paper and instead one sees fathom images, the white stuff. There is no white on a green parchment paper, no mater how much one could erase from the paper, it is green through and through. It is not like it was a green piece of paper glued to a white one?

This shows that the images of the document are a digital forgery because the software used in producing this document, did not exist when the man was born. Something is amiss here and who is Barrack Hussein Obama? The best for last, with a twisting of our tools, to uncover the truth.

The total truth of the falsity of the birth certificate, provided to us is that the ink on the paper, does not cause white to appear around the text itself and the bitmapped pixels surrounding the unnatural white spots, on what was green paper, are not the flow of natural ink; not to mention why is it white instead of green, the color of the paper? If the document had been “Flattened” in the first place, Gary Poyssick would probably had never noticed but he did and to get a better understanding of the Proof the Birth Certificate is a Forgery, please read Gary Poyssick’s piece, in laymen terms, so as you all can too see how the Commander in Chief of the United States of America, has tried to give us all a Micky.

Proof the Birth Certificate is a Forgery

I, Gary Poyssick, have been involved with digital imagery since prior to Adobe – the developers of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, and many other digital imaging and communications applications for more than 25 years, and was co-author of the second title on Adobe Press, a book called Workflow Re-engineering. I am considered an expert in the field.
The following discussion concerns a supposed copy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate – the so-called “Long Form” he indicated was provided by the State of Hawaii. I personally downloaded the PDF file from
When downloaded and viewed in a browser, the document appears fine.

Since the 1980’s, Adobe has provided the communications world a “universal” file form known as Acrobat Portable Document Format, or PDF. The document provided was in PDF format. Acrobat PDF format can be opened and edited by many other programs, including illustration and imaging programs such as Adobe’s Illustrator and Adobe’s Photoshop programs. It is the opinion of the author that both applications were utilized in the creation of the document in question.


The first evidence that the document is not a scan of an original document – or more accurately is a digital composition of actual older birth certificates from the State of Hawaii, but not the one it appears to be at first glance – is the existence in the PDF document of Layers.
Layers are best imagined as a clear piece of plastic – acetate to be exact – that is laid on one “page” to place a different object above the original (bottom) image/layer. Here we can see a gray piece of paper. The outside marks are called “Crop Marks” and represent the cuts to be made resulting in the final page size. Most print jobs are printed originally on larger pieces of paper, and cut to their final size.

The bottom “layer” in our example; a dark gray piece of paper. The marks on the outside are for the final “trims” or “cuts” resulting in the final page size.

Now let’s imagine another piece of material. This one is clear plastic. But on the clear plastic is a colored circle. We want to place the colored circle on top of the gray paper. The paper is “Layer 1”, and the clear plastic carrying the colored circle is “Layer 2”.

To produce a finished gray page with a pink circle on it, we put Layer 2 on top of Layer 1. The finished piece appears to be a gray page with a pink circle printed on it, but in fact is two pieces of paper.

To “soften” the edges of the hard pink circle, I might “Feather” the edges. This technique is commonly used to merge two-or-more originals together – to give the impression that one image was the sole source of the visual. It is a common practice.

The result of the “Feathering” technique is a soft edge – where one color slowly shifts hue levels until it turns into the background gray (in this case; the hue-shift is dependent on the original pixel content values).

Layers in a Scanned Document

When a document is scanned, it does not create layers. Layers are created – can only be created – in one of two ways:
1. With acetate – clear plastic layered by hand
2. Digitally: Layers are commonly used in the creation of digital imagery.

A scanner creates a “Bitmap” image. A bitmap image is essentially a one-dimensional grid. It is measured in pixels, and a scanned image is typically broken into grids ranging from 150 pixels-per-inch to as much as 300 pixels-per-inch, depending on the finished product. Images scanned for high-resolution color magazines require a higher resolution than faxes, for example. Grayscale images require less data space than color images, which also has an impact on the resolution.

But resolution defines the quality of the scan. It does not add dimensionality to the document. Layers are multiple pages laid on top of each other. An analogy would be a scan of a man with a hat. You could not take the hat off the man without editing the actual pixels; the hair isn’t actually underneath the scanned hat. You could theoretically take hair from another image and layer it on top of an original (with the hat) image, but the original pixels do not contain the hair. It’s just not there.

Layers exist in the Obama Birth Certificate

The scanned Birth Certificate for President Obama has more than one dimension. It could not have been produced as is by a scanner. In this image – when first opened in Adobe Illustrator, the PDF document shows a layer called “Layer 1”)

The Document has been Digitally Altered

When Layer 1 is opened, it reveals a number of “Sub Layers”. Each of them contains an individual component that shows in the final document. An actual scanned document cannot contain such sublayers. They cannot be produced on any existing scanner technology, since scanners are one-dimensional; they can’t scan underneath the document on the glass. An equivalent technology would allow you to lay a pile of twelve documents on a single stack on your scanner, and the resultant document would be in one file with each page transparent on top of each other. As layers. To produce the document that I downloaded, some number of originals were combined digitally.

Turning off the layers are revealing some (little) original ink

Each “sub layer” displays an “Eye” icon on the left. Turning off the layers on the document reveals alterations to the originally scanned document (which I feel was another birth certificate) resulting in white spaces where letters are either (now) replaced, or not replaced.

Upon closer examination (increased “Zoom” levels), it becomes appearant that an original document was used; some of the letters remain. There aren’t many, but you can see from their softened edges that they are the original ink. Ink pressed on paper makes a soft edge; not a sharp, jagged, or “bitmapped” edge as you’ll see in additional images below.

Turning off the sublayers results in blank holes showing. These holes are evident of the softening technique called “Feathering” and another called “Clipping Masks” – where one shape is used to create a shape that erases, or hides, or deletes the pixels in lower layers. Here we can see an original (If, blank space, more blank space, and an ‘h’. The vertical height of the ‘h’ is identical to the horizontal line in the ‘f’ to the left.

When the appropriate sub-layer is turned on (the Eye icon is activated), some letters appear where before there was soft white space. If the paper was originally green, and a typewriter key was struck, the physical impact of the character on the paper would not delete or eliminate or soften the hole in the green paper. The paper wasn’t colored green; it’s colored stock. Or appears to be. It it’s not a forgery, and has never been altered digitally, where is the white paper coming from?

Soft letters are original, hard letters are digital.

Notice that the black ink – which appears only when the unnatural layer is activated – is hard-edged. Typewriters don’t produce bitmapped type like this. It appears to have been scanned, and dropped into this document. The edges are caused by poor use of resolution. A real expert would have created a much better forgery. I would have.


The document is a forgery. It was created from some number – more than one – original birth certificates from Hawaii. In an attempt to hide the fact that it was digitally created, old letters from a typed document were found and placed on top of the original scanned document.

The original document was a birth certificate.

Scanners are incapable of producing “layers”

Layers can only be produced manually (with acetate) or digitally.

The document contains layers.

The layers contain letters that together display what should be a single page

The document was created digitally

A process known as “Flattening”, which would have eliminated the layers and made them much more acceptable as an original, was failed to be executed.

Typewriters do not erase originally green paper leaving white “halos” as exhibited in the document

We need to restore constitutional government in America. Coming together in the blessing of liberty and about our nation’s founding principles. We need leaders who understand the principles of limited government that made the United States so prosperous, not over burdening Czars, Councils and Federal rules to which bid the State to do it or else. Why the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are the greatest charters of human liberty ever written, and are responsible for America quickly becoming the freest, most prosperous nation in human history; but not through lies can this happen as we must build our nation on the truths of life and learn from our mistakes.

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